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Become an Editor

Simpliciter's team of student editors review and revise philosophy papers submitted by undergraduates from around the world.


Becoming an editor is a great opportunity to meet other philosophy students, improve your philosophical thinking, and get your name on a print journal.

Our Editors

Joseph Pendleton

Joey is a senior majoring in Philosophy and Environmental Studies. He is interested in moral philosophy, especially animal ethics and consequentialism, and also "enjoys" reading Wittgenstein. Outside of philosophy he is interested in public health, and likes to read and listen to music.

Sadie Giddings

Sadie is a sophomore majoring in Philosophy and Environmental Studies, and minoring in Studio Art. Her philosophical interests include applied ethics, aesthetics, epistemology, and political philosophy.  When she isn't struggling through Kant, she enjoys art and hiking.

Jiayi Zhang

Jiayi is a senior triple majoring in philosophy, psychology, and international and global studies. Her philosophical interests include but are not limited to moral philosophy, political philosophy, and neuroethics. Outside of philosophy, she finds joy in tennis, dancing, films, and traveling.

Peter Duchesneau

Peter is a sophomore majoring in Philosophy and Mathematics. He is interested primarily in ancient philosophy in Greece, China, and India, and in the religious traditions under which such philosophy developed.

Qiyuan Feng
Editor in Chief

Qiyuan is a senior double-majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science. His unfortunately wide interests in this subject include Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Computing, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind and Political Philosophy, all of which Qiyuan hopes can one day be used to improve his boxing skills.

Megan Lin

Megan is a freshman planning to major in Art History and Philosophy, and her philosophical interests lie mostly in aesthetics and philosophy of language, though it seems she can become enthralled by anything when long enough exposed. Otherwise, she enjoys literature and art of many sorts and has an intense fascination for insects, birds, and celestial objects.

Carol Lu

Carol is a junior majoring in philosophy and minoring in legal studies. Her interests in philosophy include metaphysics, moral and legal philosophy. In her free time, she likes traveling and playing the piano.

Zachary Grossman

Zach is a sophomore from New Jersey studying philosophy and physics. His main philosophical areas of interest are ethics and metaphysics.

Ray Xie
Managing Editor

Ray is a sophomore double-majoring in philosophy and history. His interests in philosophy include metaphysics, history of philosophy, existentialism, and Hegel's philosophy (he thinks). Besides this, he enjoys gaming and jazz music.

Craig White

Craig is a fourth year Philosophy student with minors in History of Ideas and Judaic Studies. He spends most of his philosophizing time thinking about Immanuel Kant's metaphysics, ethics, and other facets of German Idealism. His recent fascination has been the crossroads of German Idealism with German pessimism, delving into a mixture of Kant, Schopenhauer, and Mainlander.

Eli Bensimhon

Eli is a philosophy major interested in how we can best communicate the ideas of philosophy with the general public. He thinks that the primary job of philosophy is to provide non-philosophers (and each other) with an array of compelling "methods of thought" that help the average person confidently make complex decisions.

Alexis Albert

Alexis is a senior majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her primary interests in philosophy lie in feminist phenomenology.

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